Collegiate Coach's Rating of Officials

Please rate any of the following officials you have observed.

To help insure that you are rating the correct official, be sure to use the following reference:

 REFEREE - the official in the middle of the field

AR 1 - the official on the same side as the teams and coaches

         AR 2 - the official on the opposite side from the teams and coaches

1 is low and 5 is high
Please use the following scale to rate officials:
Rating Scale: Excellent -5 Good -4 Acceptable -3 Poor -2 Unacceptable -1

If you rate any official as (1) on any item, be sure to provide an explanation in the comment area!



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Game Type:

Rating Scale for use with Observation Items

Rating Scale:   Excellent -5    Good -4    Acceptable -3    Poor -2    Unacceptable -1





AR 1


AR 2

1. Judgement
2. Game Control(R)/Assistance (AR's)
3. Rules
4. Mechanics
5. Advantage(R)/Assistance (AR's)
6. Communication
7. Decisiveness/Consistency
8. Fitness/Movement/Agility
9. Professionalism/Attitude
10. Teamwork

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Second Half Comments:


General Comments:


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